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You’re invited: Stay At Home Spa Day!

If you’re holed up at home and beginning to feel a bit of cabin fever, we got something for you that will cure that fever, and it isn’t more cowbell.  

We’ll give you a hint: It starts with S-P-A.

Nope, not spaghetti. Close though! SPA TIME!!!

These stay at home spa bad boys were put together by the Beverly Hills MD., Dr. John Layke, using non-perishables you probably already have in your pantry  to help you feel your most gorgeous (even if you’re staying in).

Cliff Notes Instructions:

  1. Draw/prepare a bath.
  2. Play “How Deep is Your Love” by the BeeGees. (or your choice of relaxing music)
  3. Do any of these three methods of “Treat Yo’self”, or all three.
  4. Rinse off.
  5. Put on your robe.
  6. Walk into the living room and show off the new glow on the couch.
  7. YAAASS.

Gentle Glow Pantry Mask

  • Mix ¼ cup oats (any type) with 2 Tbsp honey and apply directly to clean, dry skin.  
  • Leave on for 10 minutes 
  • Then rinse and pat dry.The oats soothe swelling and puffiness, while the honey gently exfoliates and helps lock in hydration.
  • Show it off.

Sweet Smoothing Body Scrub

  • Slowly drizzle ¼ cup avocado oil into ½ cup granulated sugar and stir until combined. (If you don’t have avocado oil, olive oil works too.) 
  • TO ADD SKIN-TIGHTENING PROPERTIES: Add 1 Tbsp coffee grounds & adjust oil as needed. 
  • Use as an exfoliating scrub on wet skin while bathing.
  • Feel like a 17 while on a scale from 1-10

One-Ingredient Softening Hair Mask

  • Simply scoop 1-2 Tbsp of coconut oil (depending on your hair length/thickness) into your hand, and gently rub palms together until oil melts.
  • Apply oil all over dry hair, concentrating on the ends. 
  • Leave on for 10 minutes (for light conditioning) or up to 8 hours (for deep conditioning) before shampooing & conditioning hair as usual.
  • Whip your hair around all day and make people notice.

Feel feel to “Treat Yo’self” to these remedies whenever you want to add some zazz.
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