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11 Alternatives to Greeting with a Handshake

We know we shouldn’t be greeting each other with handshakes and hugs right now, so how do we continue to maintain a connection with one another while keeping our distance? If you’re going on a run, riding your bike, or driving solo to clear your head, the communication doesn’t have to stop completely. Luckily, there are alternatives to greeting with a handshake.

Show people you care with:

  • The wave (saying “Hello”)
  • The hand on heart (expressing empathy)
  • Praying hands (namaste)
  • Hands to chest and thumbs up (“How are you?”)
  • The ‘Hi-Brows’ (acknowledging someone)
  • The nod (signaling all good)
  • Chin to the sky (East Coast wave)
  • The shoulder shrug (all curious together)

Discover all 11 ways you can reach out and stay connected, or if you have alternatives to greeting with a handshake, feel free to let us know on our Share with Us Page.