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Get busy with your Hearts in the Window

(Pictured) Josephine, 5, and Nora, 2, look out their rainbow heart-filled window in Michigan. Their mother, Jenna Webb, said she wanted to “bring love and joy to essential workers” in their neighborhood.

I’m not crying, you’re crying!

As we physically do our part in distancing our bodies, these girls are leading by example with intentional connection through our minds and hearts in the window.

And it’s catching on. Not only as an activity to keep the little ones pre-occupied in between home-schooling, but as a meaningful illustration of love to those out there on the frontlines. To get involved and make an impact, it’s very simple…

  • Grab your scissors
  • Craft your hearts
  • Hang them in a window
  • Post on social using hashtag #aworldofhearts

There is also a Facebook Group where you can connect, post, share, and comment on all of the beautiful hearts (inside and out) that are keeping the love going.

Everyone LOVES feedback. Don’t be afraid to hop in and compliment someone on the other side of the world, because a little love and positivity has never anyone.

We’re all in this together. Go hang a heart! <3

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