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Movie Theater Sells Popcorn Curbside to Help Out Staff

Mark O’Meara, owner of two movie theaters at University Mall and Cinema Arts in Fairfax, Virginia, takes his concession stand to the curb since having to close the doors on the town favorite movie theaters.

“I have a lot of kids working here that make a living on a shoestring, and I can’t pay that well,” O’Meara told Variety last week, two days before his theaters were forced to close. “They can’t afford to lose more than one or two shifts a week, and I don’t know what to do.”

Mark O’ Meara

Being that most of his employees are young, he brought the crowd favorite treat to the sidewalk and made it available for purchase so that he can continue paying his employees.

O’Meara says, “I was watching her. She took out her calculator and she said, ‘Yes, I can pay the rent.’ That’s what it’s all about.”

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