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Teen Treats Parents to Themed Dinners

Teenager, Derek Cannuscio, is keeping his parents’ stomachs full while most restaurants are forced to be empty.

Derek has been cooking for his parents and even going the extra effort and treats them to themed dinners. Gathering millions of views on Tik Tok.

Each theme providing a different experience. For example, an airplane themed mean, he and his sister turned their basement into a restaurant, requiring their parents to hand over a ticket, and Derek acted as a flight attendant and even gave a demonstration on safety.

‘I like to make them laugh — life’s too serious right now.’ 

Derek cannuscio

On the Mexican food themed night, he prepared some margaritas for his parents. Baked tortillas to make tortilla chips, paired them with guacamole that he prepared table-side his parents, and cooked up steak and chicken quesadillas, topped with pico de gallo and sour cream.

The Tik Tok videos have gone viral, being viewed over 24.7 million times.

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