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Virtual Marine Biology Camp

Seattle based, Oceans Intiative launch free, virtual marine biology camp to entertain and inform kids!

They expected a half dozen kids to tune in and underestimated it….. by a lot……. some 1,500 viewers all over the nation tuned in to their first session.

The PhD-holding whale scientists readily acknowledge that they’re not professional educators or media producers, but are thrilled with the chance to share information about the Northwest’s rich marine ecosystem and help kids feel more connected to the environment, wherever they live.

With their initial success, Oceans Initiative are now hoping to host the camp every Monday and Thursday at 11 a.m. PST to help families occupy some time while kids are out of school due to the self-quarantine.

Upcoming broadcasts include a conversation with an Oceans Initiative scientist who’s studying orca poop to see if it contains parasites that could sicken the region’s struggling orcas. They’ve scheduled a shark expert to join them next week. They’re planning to talk to a wildlife photographer colleague who uses images to find unique, identifying features on marine life in order to count and track individuals. The scientists want to help kids think about how they could apply that tool to photographing their own cats and dogs.

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