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Mixology Class

Grab a cup. Now grab a bottle. Ok, now twirl them in the air in fancy fashion allowing the bottle to pour an ever-perfect cocktail.

Did that work? No? Well grab your broom and sweep up the broken glass from the floor from dropping the twirling bottle and saddle up because Eric Bowser has a treat for you: A Mixology Class.

Since a majority of people are staying indoors, we’ve seen an influx of people upping their cooking skills. Instagram and Facebook are becoming the trophy cases to display perfectly seared tuna steaks, grilled or roasted veggies, perfectly cooked rib eye, etc. Of course, just like the perfect salt to accompany your steak, you’ll need a libation to pair with your food and Eric Bowser will show ya’!

Join him on Thursday, April 16 at 5p PST, for this virtual class via Zoom where you will be able to follow along, ask questions, and enjoy your concoction at home.

Here are the Zoom Conference Details!

Zoom Meeting URL

Meeting ID: 714 917 9874

Password: 276254

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