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Turn Your Easter Eggs to Kid’s Activities!

This article was repurposed from Kids Activities Blog. Huge shout out to them for being a tremendous resource on things to do! With no further ado, here are some ways to turn your Easter eggs into something fun for your kids!

They love putting their toys and candy in them. They love snapping the two halves together. They love hunting them down, both indoors and out. Eventually and inevitably, they will find themselves in the trash and/or scattered throughout your living room floor.

Sure, you could store them away for use for next year’s Easter. Or, you can get creative and try one of these fun ideas!

Easter Egg Educational Activities

  • Practice letter matching. Using a Sharpie marker, write an uppercase letter on one egg half. Write a lowercase letter on the other half. Challenge your kiddo to match them! 
  • Teach your kids how to spell (and rhyme). For this activity, they’ll match beginning sounds with ending sounds to make words.
  • Practice counting with this fun “Guess the Missing Number” game. The only supplies you need are eggs, a Sharpie, and paper. (From Mom Explores)
  • Make math problems with the eggs. Using a Sharpie, write the problem/equation on one side. On the other, put the answer, and challenge your kids to match them correctly. (From Playdough to Plato)
  • Build a rocket using water, Alka seltzer tablets, plastic Easter eggs, and empty toilet paper rolls. Kids can also decorate the “rocket” before shooting them off, with adult supervision of course! (From Team Cartwright
  • Challenge your kids to a tower-building challenge using the egg halves! Once they’ve mastered building with the eggs, encourage them to try building using a color pattern. (From The Resourceful Mama)
Letter easter egg game

Crafting with Plastic Easter Eggs

  • Turn plastic Easter eggs into shakers by filling them with things that can make noise (like beans, rice, or popcorn kernels). Seal the eggs with heavy-duty tape. (From A Mom’s Take)
  • Make birdseed eggs to leave around your backyard. Here’s how.
  • To make a caterpillar, your kids will have to stack plastic Easter eggs rather than snap them together. Other materials you’ll need include pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and sharpie marker. (From Erin Hill)
  • Create little egg superheroes using felt, googly eyes, stickers, and sharpies. Since this requires a hot-glue gun, be sure to help your little ones. (From Glued to my Crafts Blog). This method can also be used to make egg monsters too! 
  • Make an Easter egg wreath. (From KC Edventures)
  • Turn plastic Easter eggs into mini-potted plants. (From The Crazy Craft Lady)
  • Which fun Easter egg project or learning activity will you start with? 

Some of Our Favorite Ways to Keep Kid’s Busy:

We hope at least one option for Easter egg activities for kids made it to your daily play time! If you have more ideas, please feel free to share!

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