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Drawing Cartoons with Muffalo Potato

When the pages in the coloring book have run out, you can get your kids to do some pretty cool artsy stuff, like drawing cartoons with the one and only Muffalo Potato!!

Muffalo Potato goes live on his YouTube channel at 12p PST/ 3p EST daily and takes kids on quick tutorials on drawing their favorite characters. From Poppy from Trolls, Iron Man, to Yoda and Darth Vader. And his method of teaching isn’t exactly like a Bob Ross, he teaches kids to draw cartoons using numbers and letters they already know!

Even as adults, these tutorials are entertaining to view. Watching him use the simplicity of the alphabet and numbers makes a process adults may or may not have thought to be difficult, incredibly accessible and makes it entertaining for the whole family!

View the expansive videos of tutorials by Muffalo Potato

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