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25 Screen-Free Activities for Kids Perfect if You Are Stuck at Home!

This article was repurposed from Kids Activities Blog. Huge shout out to them for being a tremendous resource on things to do!

Now it’s time to give your kids’ eyes a rest from the computer, TV, and tablet! Enjoy these screen-less activities!

Why Are Screen-Free Activities for Kids Important? It is going to be easy to rely on screens for kids entertainment and schoolwork as time at home is increased.  But kids need time playing “in real life”!  Traditional play encourages interaction, creative thinking, problem solving and so much more.

Oh, and don’t forget: It Is Fun!

Screen-Free Activities for Kids and Families

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Want more ideas?! Ok, you got it!

  • The next time you go to a store that has paint chips (paint color cards), grab a handful of them and make monster puzzles! This is a free, easy, and fun craft that can be done almost anywhere! The finished puzzles are perfect for summer road trips, too.
  • The next time you sharpen your crayons, start saving the shavings so that you can paint with melted crayons! Or melt crayons OVER hot rocks! <–Both these crafts definitely requires adult supervision.
  • Prank a family member with a gross yet fun craft–whip up a batch of pretend snot! This is actually a really funny craft to save for those yucky summer sick days when your little one feels gross and cranky. 
  • Some of my best childhood memories involved building a fort with my brother and parents! This is a fun, easy activity that you can do with things around the house. Check out these epic forts made out of cardboard boxes!
  • I don’t know about you, but I always have a bunch of flattened cardboard boxes in my basement or garage. Pull them out, use your imagination, and play with cardboard boxes this summer. The possibilities are endless!
  • One of my kids’ favorite box activities is turning cardboard boxes into “cars” complete with cozy pillows and blankets.Then, we set them up in the living room with their friends or cousins, and play “drive-in” while a movie plays, and they enjoy yummy movie night snacks! You can also do this outside with an outdoor movie projector.
  • I love when we can combine science with a fun game, such as this Q-tip blow dart game. All you need are disposable cups, narrow straws, and Q-tips! Go red, white, and blue with the colors, like we did, and this is a perfect game for your 4th of July party! 
  • Use an old shoe box and some craft sticks to make a pinball drop for a golf ball! It’s so cool to watch kids come up with a plan and create something like this…
  • Pretend that you are on an archaeological dig, and make this fun dinosaur dig sensory bin
  • Create kinetic sand and have fun with sand, even on rainy days.
  • One of my kids’ favorite summer science experiments is the magnetic mud science experiment. It’s mesmerizing! 
  • Paper dolls are wonderful imaginative play! Check out the printable at the bottom, too!
  • Make a glowing sensory bottle for bedtime ,and add it to your family’s nighttime routine.

Phew!! That is so many activities you can do without a screen!

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