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7 More Feel Good Movies on Netflix!

If you’re allergic to feeling good. Stop here, and do not continue to read. This list contains nothing but feel good movies to brighten your day and make sure you’re so excited about the good vibes that you want to share and spread the good. Here we go: 7 More Feel Good Movies!

1. About Time

After starring as the world’s most innocent-looking Curse-Breaker in the Harry Potter films as Bill Weasley, actor Domhall Gleeson turned toward the romance alongside Rachel McAdams in this touching, funny tale of true love and time travel.

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2. Burlesque

Sometimes you just need Cher to put a spark in your step, especially when she’s a sassy club owner in this classic that’s so bad it’s good. Christina Aguilera plays small-town wannabe star Ali, whom Tess (Cher) hires as a cocktail waitress as she fights for a chance to become The Burlesque Lounge’s flashiest attraction.

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3. The Pursuit of Happyness

Will Smith stars alongside his (adorable) pint-sized son, Jaden, in this happy-tear-jerker. Chris Gardener (Smith) might be a genius, but no one seems to recognize it yet. He’s struggling to sell medical supplies when he and his son are evicted from their San Francisco apartment. He lands an internship at a stock brokerage firm but discovers it’s unpaid, and he must decide how to care for his child while getting his foot in the door.

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5. Quincy

Incredibly inspiring, passionate, and wise, this documentary details the 70-year story of legendary record producer and music icon, Quincy Jones. Covering his un-matchable ability to uncover superstars alongside his powerful contributions to humanitarian and civil rights issues, Quincy is a push toward making the world a brighter place.

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6. The Princess and the Frog

Nothing brings a smile to our faces quite as quickly as a Disney princess song, and Princess Tiana knows how to belt ‘em with the best. Following young Tiana, who dreams of opening her own restaurant, and the frog prince she falls for along the way, this animated classic is a treasure for the whole family.

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7. Saving Mr. Banks

We know we put this on our list last time we did a ‘Feel Good movies on Netflix’ article, but let this be the softest reminder that you don’t need a reason to watch Tom Hanks of all people play as Walt Disney.

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