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Kindness Activities for Kids

This article was repurposed from Huge shoutout to them for being a tremendous resource for things to do for kids. Visit their site to check out their seemingly endless activity ideas.

It’s so important to begin teaching kids about being kind to others and how little things can make a big difference. We can all agree that the world can never have too much kindness. What is great about these kindness activities, is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to do something kind.

  • Can you fit acts of kindness into your family schedule? Love this from Moments A Day
  • Take the abstract idea of “filling your bucket” and make it real by using an actual bucket and kind words on paper. at Kids Activities Blog
  • Make a family kindness jar so that kind acts are acknowledged. Add beans to a jar for kind acts done and when it’s full it can magically turn into candy! at Kids Activities Blog
  • Cotton words or sandpaper words? This is an incredible hands on lesson for kids. From The School Counselor Kind
  • Print these free smile it forward cards and place them around your city for people to find. This is so fun! at Kids Activities Blog
  • Here are some simple ways to help teach your child about being a good friend. at Kids Activities Blog
Kindness square
  • Remember cootie catchers? These are kindness catchers! Kids can play them with friends to discuss nice things they can do for each other like give high fives! From Coffee Cups and Crayons
  • Teach your kids about generosity by getting a list of food needed for a local food bank and take them shopping. at Kids Activities Blog
  • These bags of joy are nice little things to make for people who may need a pick me up. at Kids Activities Blog
  • Brighten someone’s day by sending them a box of sunshine. This is so sweet! From Love and Marriage Blog
  • This hands on activity shows kids how hard it can be to undo harsh words. All you need is tissue paper. From First Grade Wow

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