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Dinner Theme

While a huge majority of us are using this time at home to rekindle our relationship with our kitchens, we know that it, too, can get stale. We’ve probably started relying on the same ingredients and recipes because we found a few that we know work and love.

To keep up the fire and curiosity for the home culinary department, here are some themed dinner nights for you to explore. These will make things fun and liven the situation at home.

Mexican Fiesta Taco Bar

Missed Cinco de Mayo? Everyone loves an authentic Mexican taco any time of the year. Take inspiration from the Wedding Chicks DIY taco bar and impress your guests with vibrant Mexican-inspired decor. Grill up some fajita veggies, shred the chicken and don’t forget the cold Cervezas! This is an easy place to start to get into the flow of themed dinners.

Murder Mystery Dinner

Murder mystery dinners make for a fun dinner for everyone at home and a fantastic way to get people chatting at the dinner table about something other than “How was your day at home?”. Catch My Party features a super style mystery dinner, complete with a classic British dinner of prime rib and mashedpotatoes. Encourage guests to dress up in Sherlock Holmes inspired attire to really bring the theme together.

Bite-sized Dinner

Looking to really surprise your friends? Make all your food mini! This bite-sized dinner from Big Girls Small Kitchen looks delicious and makes us squeal with excitement. Since the portions are small, display each dish at varying heights so guests can pick and choose easily.

Backyard Campfire Dinner

You don’t have to go camping to enjoy the great outdoors, and it’s the easiest reason to step from the dining room. Set up a campfire with these simple tips from Design Mom. We love her campfire fish or or opt to go classic with hot dogs.

Rustic BBQ Dinner

No one says no to a country BBQ. Frosted Petticoat did a BBQ theme for their rehearsal dinner, but you can steal the decor and recipe ideas for your own relaxed and rustic dinner party.

Bruschetta Bar Dinner

Want a simple dinner party that still gives guests some variety? Host an Italian bruschetta (not “brucschette”) bar! The spread on What’s Gaby Cooking is easy to put together—just gather your favorite Italian ingredients, grill bread and enjoy!

Elegant Summer Dinner

The summer dinner party planned by Jessica’s Dinner Party isn’t only elegant—it’s mouthwatering too. Elevate simple American fare like steaks and shrimp cocktail. Don’t forget to up the elegance in your decor, too, with crisp white linens and silver serveware.

Game Day Dinner

Are you ready for some football?! Or baseball? Soccer? Whichever team your family cheers for, invite the neighbors over for a game day dinner. The recipe roundup on How Sweet Eats will certainly provide endless inspiration. Throw on a classic sports game on YouTube and pretend you’re watching it for the first time. Scream at the TV, argue with the refs, and start the wave with the family on the couch.

Breakfast for Dinner

Who doesn’t love breakfast? Don’t trust anyone that doesn’t like breakfast for dinner. Take these creative ideas from Mint Loves Social Club and recreate the most important meal of the day for your next dinner party. We especially love her mini take on all our favorite breakfast items.

Crawfish Boil Party

If you’ve never cracked into a freshly steamed crawfish—you’re in for a treat. This crab boil from Hither and Thither covers all the necessities from ingredients to supplies. And if you’re wondering about decor, all you need is a table and some newspaper.

Farm-to-Table Dinner

This elegant harvest dinner by Parties for Pennies is great for a low key evening. We especially love her chalkboard constellation that brings the night sky indoors.

Masquerade Dinner

Who says dress up is just for kids? Parents can get involved into the fun with a masquerade dinner party! The recipes over on Sarah Funky are great for a winter menu.

Molecular Gastronomy Dinner

Are you a gourmad in the kitchen looking to really impress guests? Try the complete molecular gastronomy menu by Arielle Clementine. Wow your guests with deconstructed dishes and elaborate recipes and if you have kids, get them involved and have them name the dishes.

Casino Night Dinner

This casino night party decor on Kara’s Party Ideas goes above and beyond. Taking inspiration from casino card games, serve up classic Vegas fare like shrimp cocktail and ribeye steaks. Might be the perfect fit to bring out your best James Bond or George Clooney in Ocean’s impression. (Don’t pretend you haven’t done that before.)

Dumpling Dinner

This dumpling dinner party by Cakies is perfect for trying a variety of Asian tastes packed neatly in pillow-y dumplings. Either go simple with decor or get Asian inspired with bright reds and oranges.

Hawaiian Luau Dinner

The luau decor over on Studio DIY meets the three F’s: fun, funtional and fabulous! We love her simplified take on the Hawaiian luau. All that’s missing is some poke, rice and potato salad. If you’ve got kids, throw on Moana to entertain them while you prepare dinner and keep them in the theme.

Soup Dinner Party

Who says soup needs to be a starter? Make it the main course with a soup dinner party. If you can’t pick a favorite, Eat Drink Pretty has three that she made for her guests.

Pizza Party

Homemade pizzas are an easy entree to make for a crowd, especially with the recipe roundup by A Night Owl. Add old school Italian pizza shop decor like gingham table cloths and a national flag. There is not a single person reading this that hates pizza. It’s the Mister Rogers of food. Everyone loves pizza.

Retro Dinner Party

Although Mad Men may be over, the retro craze is here to stay. Bring back the 60s with this dinner party idea by Always Order Dessert. Old school punch bowl included. Throw on your favorite mid-century music playlist and get groovy! (or whatever decade you want to go back in time to.)

Vegan Dinner Party

A vegan dinner party is a great way to not only challenge the culinary skill but provide a differently delicious meal. The ideas over on Sandra Vungi Vegan will leave even meat lovers satisfied.

Thanksgiving Leftovers Dinner Party

Calling all leftover lovers. Even if you’re nowhere near Thanksgiving time, cook up a small turkey day meal! Liz and Ryan shares all the classics on their Thanksgiving Leftovers dinner. You can even put on some of your dress clothes and make the experience

Sushi Dinner Party

Sushi at home is easier than you think! Check out the recipes and tutorial over on Mary Makes Dinner and impress your guests with your newly discovered sushi ninja skills.

Rooftop Dinner Party

If you’ve got a sweet rooftop or patio, put it to use by hosting a dinner part overlooking a skyline. If you’d don’t have a skyline view, well this is the prime time to use your imagination and pretend you’re anywhere in the world.

This list was put together by and we can’t thank them enough for putting together such a creative list to make dinner at home to be fun.

If you know of or have resources or tips that others could find useful, feel free to send them our way using the contact form on the Share with Us Page.