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Virtual Dance Classes

At this stage of staying indoors, you’ve probably reached the point where you tell yourself, “Today, I’m going to ditch the sweats or shorts and I’m going to dress up and might even do my hair.” Well, we have news for you! Keep your sweats and shorts on because we’re going to get our bodies moving with these virtual dance classes offered by

While most of us probably watched Dirty Dancing to cop some dance moves and use on the dance floor in an effort to impress an audience, you won’t have to watch the boring parts of the movie, or stress out when having to fast-forward to the good parts and rewinding to rewatch the dance moves. These videos bring the dance studio to your home.

Offering different styles such as Tap, Modern, Cuban, African, and Hip Hop, these virtual classes have something for everything to enjoy. This makes is even more awesome for anyone that just wants to get started with dancing and wants to try anything to help get the body moving.

Check out Dance!

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