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Relaxing Music Experience Hack

Everyone has an album they gravitate to when it becomes time to force yourself to checkout, relax, and test how much the couch will allow you to sink into it. Some readers might even enjoy playing the album or playlist in the morning as the soundtrack to their morning routine and set the mood for the day.

We’ve all experienced the sense of calm the sound of rain or the rustling sound from trees or leaves may bring us. It comes as a gentle reminder to slow down and staying inside is kinda nice given the proper soundtrack and the trees sing back to us, telling us to have a look at what is all around us.

In the event you have become tired of listening to the sound coming from the news a channels and your eyes are bored and exhausted from watching the phones, tablets, TV’s, and computer screens, here is something simple you can do to while listening to your favorite relaxing/unplug album or playlist while at home and relax, or work to take the edge off or focus.

Play videos of soundscapes such as rain, campfire, forest ambience, etc., and let them be backdrops to your favorite album or playlists. If you live in an area where those sounds are living naturally, then you are multiple steps of the game. The trick is to adjust the levels on the videos and music so that the nature backgrounds.

One member of our team shared a couple of his favorite backdrops and albums to listen to and it’s been great! Adding these backdrops is like adding your favorite seasonings to your favorite food and you can mix it up with different backdrops and albums for different flavors. Here are some of our favorite backdrops!

Sound Effects Backdrops

Our Favorite Full Albums to Relax To

It’s amazing the amount of depth adding the sounds from our favorite outdoor environments can bring to a recording we may have listened to so many times already. The listening experience just becomes that much more immersive and allows us to tune in or out as much as we’d like, making this a perfect way to start or finish our day, or to keep in the background while at the office.

Let us know which are your favorite backdrop and music combinations!

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