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7 Feel – Good TV Shows on Netflix

With all the streaming services available to us, each having a seemingly endless array of things to watch, it can begin to feel like you are at a buffet restaurant when you’re hungry and don’t know where to start. It is overwhelming.

Well, we’ve narrowed some choice dishes from the “Feel-Good” table for you to help with the “What To Watch” decision making. There is no wrong choice, so load up your plate and get to feeling good and let the sounds of laughter fill the room.

Schitt’s Creek

Schitt's Creek
Schitt’s Creek CBC

Schitt’s Creek: The Canadian series has been around for years, and is only just starting to get the recognition. The story of a rich family who loses everything, this isn’t Arrested Development, but rather something that is far more charming and emotionally resonant, especially by its later seasons. We cannot recommend it enough, particularly as we’re now in the final season and it’s about to be over for good.

New Girl

New Girl
New Girl FOX

The Office

The Office
The Office NBC

The Office: A cult classic. One of the best comedic series’ ever with huge replay value. While the early seasons may be the best, the entire series is the kind of comfort food that has made it one of Netflix’s top offerings for years now. Watch it now before NBC streaming service nabs it from us for good.

Parks and Recreation

Parks and Rec
Parks and Rec NBC

Parks and Recreation: You can’t talk about The Office without mentioning Parks and Recreation, which began as its twin and evolved into something more. Many will argue that it is the better of the two programs.

New Girl: A charming series about a quirky teacher in her early thirties, who gets help from her best friends to overcome a bad breakup.

Kim’s Convenience

Kim's Convenience
Kim’s Convenience CBC

Kim’s Convenience: – It’s the heartwarming story of a Korean family where the parents own a convenience store and their son works at a car rental place. A son who is now going on to lead his own Marvel movie. It’s a warming show and another Canadian gem like the aforementioned Schitt’s Creek.

Fuller House

Fuller House
Fuller House Netflix

Fuller House: It’s all the nostalgia and more. This series brings back the simplicity of youth and the 90’s. Watching this is a first class ticket to FeelHappyVille, USA.

American Vandal

American Vandal
American Vandal Netflix

American Vandal: One of the funniest things on Netflix right now, and even if it was oddly cancelled after just two seasons, those two seasons of fake docu-drama are amazing and you should absolutely watch them. The perfect way to enjoy a documentary without getting heavy.

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