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11 Albums to Relax To

Music can breathe life into an empty room and cut tension of any situation. They are the audible poems that our ears yearn for and the sweetest treats our souls feed on. This is no mystery.

Whether listening to music and you get transported to a different time or to relive a memory, we can all agree on the immense and almost tangible power music has.

Here are some albums to put on when you just want to relax. You can put these albums on in the background while handling chores, or you can shut everything off, sit or lay on the couch and simply take in the melody and harmony of a song.


Norah Jones – “Feels Like Home”

The soft, coffeehouse vocals and bucolic strings in Norah Jones’ Grammy Award-nominated album Feels Like Home takes listeners to a happier place. The album features 13 songs, including the Grammy Award-winning song, “Sunrise.”

Fleetwood Mac – “Rumours”

Rumours, from 1977, is quite arguably the quintessential Fleetwood Mac album, featuring 11 tracks that harmoniously blend rock, pop, and folk into a single story.

Mumford & Sons – “Sigh No More”

During dark times you need something jovial and bright, and that’s exactly what the British folk band Mumford & Sons brings with their album, Sigh No More. Their frequent use of banjos, mandolins, drums, and guitars put an upbeat, contemporary spin on traditional folk tunes.

John Mayer – “Continuum”

The lax melodies paired with Mayer’s breathy vocals on his Grammy Award-winning 2006 album Continuum – which features the hits “Waiting on the World to Change” and “Say” – work to create a calming contemporary blues-pop fusion.

James Taylor – “Sweet Baby James”

Enjoy the solace of James Taylor’s transportive 1970 album Sweet Baby James, which includes the folk/country hits “Fire and Rain” and “Country Road.”

Aretha Franklin – “30 Greatest Hits”

The “Chain of Fools” Grammy-winner deserves a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T when it comes to creating jazzy tunes, but it’s her soulful vocals that make this legend one to unwind over.

Jack Johnson – “Brushfire Fairytales”

Johnson’s unique folk-rock beats and low-key vocals, as presented on the artist’s 2001 debut record Brushfire Fairytales, aimtoachieve the ultimate acoustic mellow.

M83 – “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming”

The 2011 Grammy Award-winning electronic album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming features soaring trance music that provides glowing ambiance for the ultimate escape.

Ray Lamontagne – “Supernova”

The Billboard chart-topper Supernova fronts psychedelic-rock with a touch of folk to create ten blissfully nostalgic-sounding tracks.

Gladys Knight & The Pips – “Everybody Needs Love”

Journey back to the ’60s for a little Motown soul and spirit. The third studio album from Gladys Knight & the Pips includes “Takes Me in Your Arms and Love Me,” and will surely take your worries away.

Marvin Gaye – “What’s Going On (EP)”

The four-track EP from hitmaker Marvin Gaye – which features the original versions of “What’s Going On” and “God Is Love,” along with two remixes of “What’s Going On” – is the perfect 10-minute escape to reset your mood.

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