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4th of July Activities for Kids!

Keeping a safe social distance doesn’t mean you don’t celebrate holidays, it only means you get to use some creativity and imagination to create new and safe activities to celebrate. For example, look at how we’ve managed to still celebrate birthdays and graduations with drive-by parades, yelling from our decorated cars, and still handing out gifts to the birthday girl or boy.

We’ve also seen various ways to entertain our kids, ourselves, and have become resourceful in many arenas at home. From cooking, exercising, to teaching & learning alongside our kids.

4th of July holiday is usually spent outdoors surrounded with friends, family, and neighbors, but this year due to the current circumstances, some may want to do things differently.

Here are some ideas to throw on the table to mix things up a bit this coming 4th of July holiday!

Make homemade popsicles.

The 4th of July is typically a very hot holiday, so cool off by creating homemade popsicles. Try these yogurt swirl pops, or one of Woman’s Day’s other favorite popsicle recipes.

Create a water park at home.

Between sprinklers and a fun hose extension, you can create a waterpark in your own backyard. The kids will be entertained for hours (and cooled off) by playing fun water games.

We can also guarantee that if parents get involved in this activity, it will also drastically increase the kids level of fun, too! Nothing gets kids laughing quicker than adults partaking in kids activities. (Pillow fight, bounce house, water balloon fights, etc.)

Read a book about American history.

If you’ve got a little one who doesn’t quite know what the 4th of July is about, use the holiday as a chance to teach them more about American history. There are so many great kids’ books about history and historical figures, like I Am Rosa Parks by Brad Meltzer and Two Friends by Dean Robbins.

This is a great idea to have the kids take a break from running around and do something less exhausting before the evening activities begin.

Have a hot dog eating contest.

If there’s one food that represents the 4th of July, it’s hot dogs. If you’re feeling adventurous, recreate Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Competition, or if you want something a little more tame (and easier to stomach) try a hot dog taste test where you can try out various relishes and mustards. Make it fun for them by allowing them to choose their own condiments.

Rehearse and perform famous American speeches.

Think of this as an Independence-Day-themed talent show. Parents and kids alike can learn and perform famous speeches by great Americans such as the “I Have a Dream” speech by Martin Luther King or Abe Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address.”

Get active and dress the part, make it immersive!

Go for a bike ride.

Get active on your day off and go for a bike ride before all the eating and partying begins.

If you’re lucky enough to live within driving distance of a beach, pack up for a fun day in the sun. If you stay until the evening, expect to see fireworks. Just check with the local authorities first, to make sure the beach is open.

Take a walk in the park.

Looking for low-key 4th of July? Use your day off to explore a new neighborhood park as a family.

Sometimes with holiday plans, less is more. Make delicious summer drinks, play a few patriotic tunes, and kick back, relax, and soak up some sun.

Watch a parade.

Wake up early and put on your patriotic best, because if your town is hosting a 4th of July parade, you’ll want front row seats! Be sure to check with your local newspaper or town website to see if parades will be happening or if there are virtual options, or catch one on YouTube and pretend you’re physically at the parade!

Screen a movie outside.

Movie theaters are still closed, but you can set up a film screening in your backyard! Watch patriotic classics like Yankee Doodle Dandy or Independence Day.

Plan a patriotic getaway.

Stop by one of America’s greatest landmarks on July 4th — from the Liberty Bell to the Grand Canyon, there are plenty of bucket list-worthy spots to explore. Just be sure to double check what’s open ahead of time, and wear a mask when you’re in public spaces.

Belt out some tunes.

Bust out the drums (a.k.a. pots and pans) and other makeshift instruments, then encourage your kids to sing along to American classics like “The Star Spangled Banner” and “This Land Is Your Land.” Here is your time to shine!

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