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14 Outdoor Activities for a Change of Scenery

At this stage of social distancing a change of scenery is probably needed. We’ve stayed indoors and have come up with ways to entertain ourselves, stay creative, group activities, new cooking recipes, learned skills, and have used our house-found items for every art and craft. It might be time to go safely go outside to take in some of the sun.

Here are 14 activities that both adults and kids can practice outdoors during quarantine. Just be sure to follow the guidelines of social distancing.

Set up a cornhole tournament.

Break out the cornhole set for a family tournament. This game was practically invented with social distancing in mind.

Mow the lawn.

No, mowing the lawn may not be as glitzy or glamorous as some lawn games, but hey, someone’s got to do it. You can play games on the freshly mowed lawn after with some pride. If you have kids, let them help you or attempt to take the iconic photo of the kids pushing the mower.

Weed the garden.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, the monotonous act of weeding can actually be quite calming, almost meditative. Pair this with mowing the lawn and you’ll have your yard looking as fresh and tight as your favorite baseball stadium!

Move happy hour out to the patio.

Mix up some cocktails for an outdoor happy hour. The sun and some festive drinks never made a wrong pair.

Dine al fresco.

Dwindling supplies have us all getting creative with pantry ingredients like canned beans and frozen vegetables. Boost spirits and make any weeknight dinner feel special by turning a drab meal into an al fresco dinner party for your family. Set the patio table, dress up, and enjoy your meal outside.


Pack up a bagged lunch and lay a picnic blanket out in the front yard for a warm-weather picnic.

Read on the porch.

Or if you don’t have a porch, simply set up a lawn chair in the yard and crack open a good book.

Throw a frisbee.

A childhood classic. Toss around the frisbee that’s undoubtedly buried in the depths of your garage. If you can’t find the frisbee, throw around the pigskin.

Jump rope.

Even when you’re quarantined, it’s important to stay active. With a jump rope, you can get your cardio in from the comfort of your driveway. It’s also a lot more difficult than we think.

Play in the sprinklers.

On a warm day, set up the sprinklers and let the kids go to town. You can peacefully watch while sitting on a lawn chair with an ice cold lemonade in hand.

Embark on a neighborhood scavenger hunt.

Take a walk or drive around the neighborhood and look out for certain landmarks—a colorful front door, a bicycle, a basketball hoop. Have the kids check these items off our neighborhood scavenger hunt list (just be sure to practice social distancing).

Play hopscotch.

This one may be meant for the kids, but who says adults can’t join in on the fun?

Make chalk art.

Turn your driveway into a drive-by gallery with multicolor chalk drawings. Since it is easy to clean, you can start with a blank canvas/sidewalk whenever you’d like.

Play with the dog/ cat.

The pups and kitties need some sunshine, too! Everything is more fun with your #1 animal companion.

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