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Bethpage Virtual Air Show

Going out and catching an air show during the Summer months is always a treat. Children and adults alike get to head out to huge open fields and marvel at how far we’ve progressed in the arena of flight.

These machines are performing maneuvers at break neck speed with precision that at one point in time was completely unfathomable. At air shows they are on display for everyone to see and each plane and jet is out to put their best on display.

Huge thank you to Bethpage Air for putting this together and allowing everyone to experience the air despite the current climate in social distancing.

Air show fans! We are proud to present the first ever Bethpage Virtual Air Show! Thank you to New York our partners and all of the performers and participants who supported our show. Click here to watch today!

Click here to watch our Bethpage Air Show Volunteer Spotlight!

The show may be canceled, but we’re still celebrating the spirit with the Bethpage Virtual Air Show Experience!

Bethpage Air Show Activity Book

Download this fun activity and coloring book for children. Activities include word searches, complete the pictures, make your own paper airplane, and coloring pages! Click the book below to download today!

Take over the living room and make an event out of the air show and browse YouTube for similar virtual air shows.


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