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Road Trip from Home: Virtual Field Trips

Huge shoutout to Sarah for sending us this amazingly comprehensive list of virtual field trips! Our team loved this and knew right away that we had to give this list its own page. Thank you, Sarah!

Museums and Landmarks

Museums and Exhibits Tours of museums and exhibits such as the National Gallery of Art and Ancient Greek Artifacts.

Natural HistoryTours of museums and exhibits such as the National Gallery of Art and Ancient Greek Artifacts.

The Largest Cave in the WorldTours of museums and exhibits such as the National Gallery of Art and Ancient Greek Artifacts.

The National AquariumExplore one of the best aquariums in the country in this interactive self-guided tour.

The San Diego ZooAn interactive site featuring videos, games and activities.

Mount EverestExplore and learn about what it’s like to scale the highest peak in the world.

The Giant’s CausewayA unique rock formation found in Ireland, this 360° experience is controlled by you.

The Sistine ChapelLeonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece cannot be photographed, but you may take a virtual tour here.

Historic Marvels

Egyptian Pyramid TourThe pyramids of Egypt are some of the most famous monuments in the world.

The Secrets of Easter IslandHere’s your chance to explore the remains of a lost civilization.

History of MusicHow did different types of music form? This site explains interactively and creatively.

The United States ConstitutionLearn about what is considered the most important document this country has ever written.

Ellis IslandLearn about the original destination of many immigrants coming to the United States.

Machu PicchuExplore the mysterious ancient ruin of Machu Picchu deep in the mountains of Peru.

The White House Virtual TourTour The White House by clicking through the rooms you wish to visit.

The Lincoln Memorial Tour the memorial to this highly regarded President who presided during the Civil War.

The AcropolisThis tour provides a 360° view of the famous historic site from ancient Greece.

Science Adventures

Fun with GeographyPlay through different parts of the world while you try to guess where you are.

Learn About Farms and LivestockThis resource offers a lot to learn about all forms of agriculture and livestock from crops to sheep.

Discovery Education Virtual Field TripsPromising amazing places and remarkable experiences, Discovery Education has many different tours available.

Farm Food Virtual ToursLearn how things are made, and how animals are raised.

The Virtual RainforestA visual experience that shows up close the abundant life of the largest rainforest in the world.

Great Lakes Virtual Field TripLearn about the science, diversity, and ecology of these large freshwater lakes.

Slime in SpaceThis video field trip shows how slime acts in space. Watch astronauts play ping pong with it!

Virtual PlanetariumView the night sky as seen from a planetarium and learn about the stars.

Cities from Around the World Click on the images on the map to see city skylines from all over the world.

The Manhattan Project Field TripLearn about how the most powerful weapon in the world is made.

Reach the WorldThis virtual field trip helps you learn what it’s like to live in other parts of the world.

The Virtual Museum of GalileoLearn from one of the greatest scientific minds in this virtual museum.

Virtual NatureVirtual field trips focusing on a variety of plants and botany. Carnivorous plants are included!

NASA Space Center HoustonAn interactive, 360° experience where you control what you are viewing.

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