“A healthy person has 1,000 wishes. A sick person has 1.”

In an instant, our global society has been struck with the need to be socially responsible for the sake of public health by staying in to limit the spread of COVID-19. As we all adapt to the new (temporary) norm, it’s paramount that we understand we are in this together. Economies have suffered, supplies have become scarce, and social awareness has never been so important.

As a unit, an entity, and world population, we have strength in numbers representing the best systems, brilliant minds, and most compassionate people on the planet. At this moment, there are two critical variables that need to be exercised in order to minimize destruction to public health and help curb common challenges in the process:

Staying in. And reaching out.

This hub of resources and activities is designed to stay productive and entertained at home while connecting with others in a powerful way. They say necessity is the mother of invention: This site was conceived on March 20th, 2020 and brought to life in the days that followed by the incredible team at Client Giant, Inc. as a way to help, support, and inspire people around the world as we’re all impacted by the current Coronavirus Pandemic.

We are committed to using this platform as way of illustrating Client Giant’s mission statement: 

If you have the power to make someone’s day, you’d be crazy not to.” 

We hope you’ll join us and invite others to contribute, participate, and enjoy the helpful resources available by staying in, while collectively staying connected through reaching out.

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